By Leslie Reed, LCSW

What if we let go of the great realizations
or awakenings we have?
In order to be in touch with the unborn,
the undying,
the uncreated, the
This is where we need to live.

To be present to the moments that spark
the wisdom of the ages,
hand in glove with now.
Where we may abide in non-abiding.
Where we may even momentarily be free from strife and suffering.

The excruciating pain and sorrow
we experience has an alchemy that brings us to a newness.
A rebirth, a sowing that grows on the backs of the primitive,
releasing us from its grasp.
freeing us to grieve a new sorrow
that speaks to this moment.
For loss is always our most trusted bedfellow.

Guiding us on the transformative journey
from grief to gratitude,
fear to joy,
despair to faith.

The practice of unearthing ourselves moment to moment
does not require scalpel precision.
More like a release of endemic energy, released in context.
Beckoned from the Source.

Otherwise it promises to be like the removal of a cancer
that spreads through the body
and leaks out into the world.
Dripping its poison in pandemic fashion.

Our thoughts are not unique to us.
They live in all of us.
We live in them.
We are not empty handed, for
we are rich with possibility
and our hearts are open to receive.

It is not for our will
to try and constrain them.
They must be free to soar,
like the birds of the waking day,
who one by one wake up and become birds.
One day becoming fully themselves.

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