• KNEES ON NECKS Knees on Necks By Leslie Reed, LCSW Knees on necks Necks in noosesBoots on groinsShots between the eyesBodies turned to ash. Fraudulent, bankrupt voices rob the narrative.Stolen from their rightful originswhere the ancestral spirits once layin peaceful repose,with an unassailable knowing, that future generationshave been well studied in the wise ways of being. How are […] No responses July 27, 2020
  • ✽ CONTEMPLATIVE CLINICAL PRACTICE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM Living Into A New Way Of Being By Leslie Reed, LCSW As I prepare to offer the Contemplative Clinical Practice Certificate Program, I wanted to offer some reflections on the nature and benefits of contemplative psychotherapy for both clients and clinicians. There is sacredness within the space of psychotherapy. So much emotional life is given […] No responses January 17, 2019
  • ✽ GIFTS OF THE SECOND HALF OF LIFE “The second half of my life will be ice breaking up on the river, rain soaking the fields, a hand held out, a fire, and smoke going upward, always up.”   I begin this reflection on second half of life spirituality with an excerpt from Joyce Sutpen’s poem “Crossroads.” With so many poems on the […] No responses October 2, 2018